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Due to being on a swim team and riding horses, I've had back problems since I was 10 years old.  Complicated by the waterbed my parents bought to help my back pain, it just continued to become problematic.  I became a nurse and experienced further back and neck injuries.  Over the years I had tried massage, chiropractic, even injections in the spine to help with spasms and pain, as well as numerous pain medicines and muscle relaxants.  Nothing worked.  It wasn't until I discovered Rolfing through Bryan Wallrich that I have had any relief for my sore back!  25 years of back and neck pain, and a "slump" in my posture, seemed to be corrected within a few sessions with Bryan, and I felt amazingly better.  Finally I could lie flat on my back and turn my neck without pain, when before I just couldn't do it.
Rolfing is not the painful "deep tissue massage" everyone thinks it is.  You do a lot of the work through breathing while Bryan  sees and feels where the fascia around your muscles and bones is tight, and he's able to loosen it, giving you the range of motion you've needed!  Now I'm walking with much better posture.  I have more confidence.  Peers at work are even asking me if I'm losing weight...just because I'm standing up straighter!   I'm extremely happy I went through the initial 10 Rolfing sessions.  Currently, I go to Bryan on occasion when I'm feeling back or neck tightness, or if I'm feeling a new injury.  It is amazing work! He's thorough, he's gentle, and very professional.  If you have existing pain anywhere, Rolfing is really the answer.
Lisa Marie Carter
Intensive Care Nurse (RN)


    I had undertaken about 25 sessions back in the mid-90's and loved the release it offered, on the emotional as well as the physical planes.  As I have been having back problems due to a slightly bulging disk, I opted to go back this year and have the basic 10 sessions once again.  I chose Bryan as he was near my home.  It was a great choice!
    I used to tell people that you had to have an "interesting relationship with pain" to enjoy Rolfing.  In the 10+ years since I was worked on, things have changed.  There is much less discomfort, and Bryan was very sensitive to my reactions.  There were definitely days where my insides were stirred up from the work being done, but there was no suffering or prolonged reactions that I noticed.
    At my last session, we reviewed my "intake" form and I am happy to say that the back and hip pain I was dealing with at the start of the program are just a memory.  My standing posture is easier and much more comfortable and I walk with an ease I haven't had for some time.
    I can highly recommend Bryan and Rolfing.  I can be contacted if you have questions, too.  Go for it.  You will love it, too!



After trying many doctors, physical therapy, MRI's, x-rays, I thought I would never be healed from 5 months of lower back pain - herniated disc.  No one or no thing helped. I could not go to work or sit at all without extreme pain and pressure extending into arms, legs and head.  I just finished 10 sessions with rolfing which I had not heard of before a co-worker suggested Bryan at Front Street Rolfing.  Last week was my 10th and final rolfing session.  After each session, my body began healilng and I am back to work, sitting, walking, exercising and so thankful to be!  My only regret is that I did not start the rolfing sooner!  My motto now is what Bryan would say at each session - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, AND JUST DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT!  I would recommend this to anyone who is frustrated with no solutions from doctors or physical therapy on how to heal.

Jan Lykins - Lafayette, CO

2 Years Later...
I choose to start Rolfing because a friend had success with it. I greatly reduced the back pain I was experiencing and improved my posture.  2 years later, I still have improved posture and my back pain is in better control.

Ned Redenbarger